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If you’ve noticed, maybe you’ve been curious what our affinity is for the flowers seen throughout our website and brand collateral. We just love flowers? The blooms match our brick red brand colour? Well, yes, but not really… Turns out there’s a story behind the flowers.


Botanical Name: Protea

Common Name: Sugarbush

Fun Fact: “Protea” is named for the Greek god Proteus, the protector of rivers and seas who had the ability to change shape and form to avoid capture by his enemy.

The Sugarbush is said to be one of the most fascinating flowers on the planet. Called Sugarbush, because of the copious amounts of nectar they produce. Sugarbush has intriguing and varying flower sizes and foliage form, and spectacular new hybrids are constantly being developed. They have sturdy stems and distinctive long-lasting blooms and generate a lot of interest, excitement and buzz when people see them. They are developed for longevity, and with proper care, the blooms don’t “die” but naturally dry beautifully. They are of the hardiest species and can withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Dormant buds can survive wildfires, emerging once the fire has gone out and bring new life.

See why we love the Sugarbush flower?

After receiving one in a bouquet, we were so intrigued we started to read about them. We were instantly captivated because their characteristics align with our goals and philosophy on brand & design, and the results we aim to achieve for our clients. Occasionally, during our discovery phase with new clients, we’ll ask the question – if your brand were a person, character, place or thing – what would it be and why? We’re always looking for that special something that can speak to a brand’s character, personality, or just to use as inspiration as we do a deep dive to truly understand our clients. Though the Sugarbush wasn’t necessarily part of Funktional’s brand build, it’s become somewhat of a muse… And, it’s simply a stunning flower!

The practice of giving flowers is a societal way to express love, compassion and thoughtfulness. And to ‘give someone their flowers’ means to honour them. That is our goal – with everything we do and create for you – we aim to honour you.

Thanks for reading!