Funktional Branding provides creative brand strategy. A multi-disciplinary creative studio of equal parts business savvy, brand expertise, and love of intentional design.
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Inspiration comes in many forms. We are first and foremost inspired by our clients, unearthing their truth, what they do and why they do it. And no, we don’t just scour Instagram, Pinterest and Design Blogs. You might be surprised at how much we go offline for inspiration. The right kind of inspiration will always help us come up with layered, creative and unique ideas for projects. In this section we thought we would share what we find when we venture outside, away from our screens, and inspires us.

Travel exposes us to new cultures, people and experiences. By immersing ourselves in a place far from home we break out of our comfort zones and open our eyes to new possibilities.

“Jobs fill your pocket… adventures fill your soul.”

My trip to Italy (Florence, the Italian Riviera and everything in between) was a highlight. The colours, the textures, the architecture, the sights, the galleries and museums, the old typography, the artisans and the food… it filled my tank! And it’s definitely influenced my design work. After all, adventures, as they say, are the best way to learn. Here is just a brief glimpse through a few curated images… and pardon my iPhone pictures… it’s the only camera I carried with me. What was I thinking? I’ll just have to go back!

The colours and the patterns in the marble floors, the inlays and the lettering… I have gone back to these photos for reference when designing custom type so many times already.

“Just go. Go to see all the beauty. Go where you feel most alive.”

When in Rome… actually this was in a tiny Gelateria in Cinque Terre. And yes, copious amounts of it were consumed! It was “research”… that’s it. I was on the hunt for the most seductive, creamy, buttery fior di latte, and I found it!

To your adventures!