Funktional Branding | Philosophy
Brand and Creative Studio based in Toronto providing brand, creative, strategy, design services.
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How we are wired, think, and work. We’ve included some favorite quotes from famous designers and thinkers who first said it best.

Beauty is the harmony of purpose & form.

Alvar Aalto

We believe in getting to the heart and soul of your brand and designing with intention while balancing aesthetics with functionality.

Design is not just what it looks & feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

We believe every detail plays an important role while contributing to the impact of a greater whole.

Taste is abstract, at best elegant and fashionable. It is always ephemeral, for it is not rooted in philosophy, or even craftsmanship, being purely a product of the senses.

Richard Rogers

We don’t have a ‘house aesthetic”. Our focus is to interpret what your brand stands for through purposeful and meaningful design while keeping the message clear, relatable and impactful.

People ignore design that ignores people.

Frank Chimero

We use branding as a powerful communication tool to connect with the people it’s meant to reach.

Good design is good business.

Thomas J. Watson Jr.

Our goal is to put everything we have into allowing your brand story to shine in all its glory. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be better. And we know this is about making sure you’re fitted with an enduring identity that will set you on a well-defined path toward success and achieving your business goals.