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Brand and Creative Studio based in Toronto providing brand, creative, strategy, design services.
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We craft, rejuvenate, and evolve brands to unlock their true potential.

Funktional helps define what makes your brand stand out in all its greatness. Strategic thinking is second nature. Balancing our business savvy with our keen eye for design allows our clients to show their strengths, and tap into new opportunities. By interpreting a brand’s purest form through the power of effective design, we work to shift perceptions, engage, and connect with the people you want to reach.

Our services are designed to ensure you are fitted with an enduring identity that will convey your brand’s message at every interaction.



Naming Generation

Brand Positioning


Brand Development

Voice + Message Development


Brand Identity Design

Packaging Design

Graphic Design + Illustration

Print Communication

Creative + Art Direction


Web Design

Signage + Environmental

Brand Campaigns

Brand Management Tools



Stacey Funk

The name speaks to my beliefs. Functional as an adjective means to have a special purpose. So, I put the ‘Funk’ in functional when this business was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating meaningful brands underpinned with purpose, and shaped by enduring and intentional design. I believe every detail plays an important role while contributing to the impact of a greater whole.

It’s about allowing a brand to shine in all it’s glory. It’s also about helping clients get excited about their business again.

I’ve been living, loving and breathing this thing called brand for over 18 years. What I value most is my long-term relationships with clients and what we’re able to accomplish together.┬áMy aim is to offer each client a great collaborative experience, rigorous attention to detail, and never losing sight of the end-goal: to deliver results that help your business soar to new heights.

Areas of Expertise

Property Development

Architecture + Interior Design


Small Business


Retail & Food Industry

We’re passionately all in on every project we touch and often collaborate with other visionaries and talented go-getters to extend capabilities when needed. Our clients come to us because we understand how to interpret brands, showcase your strengths, and help you impact the world.


We work with clients big and small


NAI Global

Ashlar Urban

ReMax Realty

Harlan Realty

Canlight Group

King Developments

Balder Developments



Lekker Farms

Annex Garden

Tommy Maloney

Wellspring Support

Allegra Design Studio

J. Hughes & Associates