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Brand and Creative Studio based in Toronto providing brand, creative, strategy, design services.
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Branding is complex. Even beautiful designs miss the mark if not balanced with purpose and meaning. At Funktional, we believe in the power of simplicity. It solves problems and brings clarity. But simplicity isn’t simple – it’s about going deep so that everything works together clearly and seamlessly. Our approach to each project is guided by this philosophy, beginning with a brand’s purest form, its purpose.

We’re passionately all in on every project we touch. We often collaborate with other visionaries and talented go-getters to extend capabilities when needed. Wherever you’re at in your life-cycle – from new businesses just finding their footings to established companies, we work with local to multinational brands across a range of industries.


– Our Select Clients –




NAI Global


San Giacomo

Harlan Realty

Lekker Farms

Amboy Group

Irish Meadows

Canlight Group

Agnelli’s Gourmet

Tommy Moloney’s

Wellspring Support

meet stacey

Principal/Creative Director


The name speaks to my beliefs. Functional as an adjective means to have a special purpose. So, I put the ‘Funk’ in Funktional when this business was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating meaningful brands underpinned with purpose, and shaped by enduring and intentional design. I believe every individual detail and element plays an important role while contributing to the impact of a greater whole.


It’s also about helping clients get excited about their business again.


My story. My promise. I’ve been living, loving and breathing this thing called brand for well over 15 years. What I value most is my ability to maintain long-term relationships with clients and what we’re able to accomplish together. The greatest reward I receive is when my clients come to think of me as an invaluable extension of their team.


My aim is to offer each client a great collaborative experience, my very best work, rigorous attention to detail, and never losing sight of the end-goal: to deliver highly successful purpose-driven brands and business results.